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Dog Walking and Cat Sitting for Astoria's Furriends

Need a dog walker, cat sitter, pet sitter or overnight stay with pictures and real time feedback? With extensive experience in animal care, we offer services to cover all your needs.
Those include dog walking, cat sitting, and overnight stays. Registered insured and bonded through 'Pet Sitters Associates, LLC', we offer the best services with the best-trained dog walkers and pet sitters in Astoria since 2011. Caring for animals and the environment, we only use biodegradable products and a percentage of our profits goes to the protection of endangered species and the conservation our little blue planet. 

Does your dog need a walk?

We can help!

Why your dog needs a walk by "My Dog Needs a Walk"

Real people

     Extensively trained, background-checked and dependable, all of our staff are animal guardians themselves - they take great care of their own pets and take care of your pets like their own



feedback after each visit with email, photos and videos.

Easy online scheduling and payments

Last minute scheduling


Supporting the Astoria community since 2011

Always open and working around your schedule and your pets needs!

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We cover Astoria, Queens including the 11102, 11103, 11105 and 11106 zip codes. 

Dog Walking


We can take your dog walking, go for play dates and socializing or walk alone for some extra attention. We always notify you right after each visit for your peace of mind, letting you know your dog is cared for, well and happy!

We even send cute pictures! 


Walks $20

30 min.


Private Walks $22

30 min. for the shy personalities


Hourly Walks $25

60 min. for those with too much energy


Add ons $5

Public holidays and weekends 


Contact us for any additional needs.

Cat Sitting


If you are going away for a few days we can visit your pet at its own home. We understand each feline has its own personality and make sure to cater to their individual needs. We always make sure we give them fresh water and food, and clean the litter box in each visit, but also play, talk or pet them depending on how they want to spend their time.  

We will be sending you real-time feedback with pictures and videos of your little critters to show you how they are doing while you 're away.  

Half-hour visit $20

30 min. water, feed, litter & play


Hourly visit $30

60 min. for that extra attention


Add ons 

Public holidays $5

Entire litter box change $10


Contact us for any additional needs.



We also love and take care of all kinds of pets like rabbits, birds, reptiles, fish. 

Overnight Pet Sitting 


Perfect for pets who don't like sleeping alone and want some extra attention and care. Our pet sitter will be staying with your pet in your home. Overnight sitting includes morning and evening walks for dogs, as well as feeding and playing inside. Cats get extra attention and playtime, snuggling and brushing.


Per nightly stay

One dog $75

Two dogs $120

Up to 4 cats $75

Contact us for any additional needs.

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 We love our clients and we are very grateful for their support all these years!

Larkin B. 

This is such a great service. They are affordable, flexible, and I feel like my dog is in great hands. They take such great care of him and our specific requests and we come home to a tired dog! Also the perfect solution to a busy day or when we have a night out or long day at work! Thanks guys!  


Barbara K. 

Returning back to Astoria from Florida, I needed someone that understood my disabled Dalmatian's needs during the long work days I would be away from home.  Basia and her team bonded immediately with Alabaster.  They worked with Alabaster to relearn how to do the stairs and sent a detailed report and picture with each visit.  My co-workers enjoyed getting these updates throughout the day and Alabaster was a happier girl when I returned home each evening.  Ariana even stayed with Alabaster on her last day until I could arrive home to get her to a vet.  They really go above and beyond with their services.  The scheduling, invoicing, and payments are easy with the professional software.  If you are looking for a pet sitter/dog walker in Astoria, My Dog Needs a Walk is definitely the first contact you should reach out to for help!


So lucky to have found My Dog Needs a Walk and the great team of professional pet sitters that Basia has found right here in Astoria!  After Alabaster passed over the rainbow bridge I got lucky again when a friend found me this little guy to fill the void.  Winston is a world traveler having been born in Kiev, lived in a US Army base in Germany, re-stationed to a US Army base in Colorado, then returned to civilian life in Brooklyn before  finding his furever home with me in Astoria. Now he hangs out with the MDNAW Team twice a day and even has made several new doggie friends on his walks out with the Team!  MDNAW visit reports make it easy for me to pass on his daily updates to his previous family as they have been deployed overseas once again.  Thank you all for the great care and the time you spend with my little man!


Christina M.

My dogs are my life... it is very hard to find someone who you can trust with that. Basia has proven to be professional, attentive, dedicated and knowledgeable. In the past, she has take care of my blind dog, my dog with diabetes, and now my dog with arthritis. I know my dogs will be well taken care of when I'm away and I don't have to worry! She sends an email with a picture after each visit to let me know how the walk went. Basia invests her time and heart into her work, which is all any pet lover could hope for!!  


Jana L.

Basia and her crew are more than wonderful dog walkers.  From the get-go, they made us feel comfortable having them in our home and taking care of our 8 week-old puppy, who is now 4 months old!  From allowing us to schedule last minute appointments, to leaving little treats behind, it doesn't get any better than Basia and her staff!  Highly recommend them!  


Mike C.

We've used Basia a few times over the last year to catsit our two very spoiled cats. She's been nothing but a pleasure and a huge relief for these obsessive cat parents. One of our cats is diabetic so it can be difficult to find someone to look after them while we are out of town. We never worry with Basia.  


Laurian D.

Basia and My Dog Needs a Walk were utterly professional, capable, and responsible. We selected MDNW from among several candidates because we felt so comfortable and confident that they would take the best care of our aging, precious pooch. Couldn't be happier with their responsiveness with updates, timeliness of walks, or friendly attitude. Highly recommend this company for all your pet-related needs. Thank you, Basia!!  

Alexander R.

Highest praises!  Basia and her crew are extremely reliable and behave with professionalism and flexibility.  


Jessica T.

Basia is an incredibly thoughtful, affordable, respectful and responsible dog walker.  I am someone who has to not only fully trust whomever comes into my home, but I need to fully trust the person who cares for my beloved pup as well.  I couldn't be happier to have been introduced to Basia.  She is reliable and it is clear that she loves what she does.  And what really impresses me is the special attention she gives each pet.  My dog Lucy is a special needs dog with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes.  Basia closely monitors Lucy and lets us know if something seems off.  She even offers to make a second visit that day if we aren't able to get home right away.  I highly recommend Basia and My Dog Needs a Walk.

Elizabeth C.

Basia took care of our two cats while we were away for a few weeks. We met prior to leaving and she was thorough with her questions and answers.  She sent us updates with pictures which was great to receive. And she was able to make make friends with our reclusive and shy kitty from day one. I think the cats missed her after we came home! We will definitely hire her again soon.

Jess S.

Basia is the best dog walker in Astoria! My pups absolutely LOVE her and recognize her on the street before I do! She is extremely trustworthy, reliable, and loves animals. I highly recommend Basia!

Mel G.

Basia is an amazing pet sitter. Our fickle furry feline friends are never happy when we leave but they responded really well to Basia. She sends daily updates when we were away and even sends pictures (the pics were really amazing).  She is very knowledgeable, caring and responsible.   We will most definitely use her again and highly highly recommend her to anyone who needs a pet sitter.        


Lindsay W.

Basia is amazing!!! I hurt my knees and needed someone to walk my 5 month old yorkie poo at the last minute. I called her yesterday and she was able to arrange to come to my apartment twice daily starting today. She is so kind, loves dogs, and is very knowledgeable. She is easy-going and very down to earth. By the second time she came to my house, my puppy was so excited to see her! If you want someone you can trust, someone who you know is treating your puppy with the utmost respect, and someone who communicates honestly and openly with you about your pup, Basia is the lady for the job!

Manny P.

We have used Basia and her associates for four years now, they have been nothing but wonderful. They proven themselves to be extremely dependable and accommodating. I absolutely recommend them!!

Lisa C.

Basia and her crew are the best you can ask for! Very knowledgeable, trustworthy and competent! Basia and Shelby did an amazing job with my 2 year old shiba, Yoshi. I really recommend them especially for long walks and overnight services. They update you constantly with pictures. I was always reliant on leaving my dog with other people, but honestly I am thankful I have found them! They will take good care of your best friend, giving him love and of course extra playtime!!! 

Andrea C.

It was nearly a year ago that I found Basia after first moving to Astoria, and you can read my initial Yelp review of My Dog Needs a Walk. Well, my dog Scout and I sadly have to move, so I wanted to share my experience over the past year. In all honesty, my initial review still stands. I have only glowing compliments for Basia and her team. They came through for my dog Scout on overnights, schedule flexibility, and most importantly, their heartfelt care for my dog was genuine. Scout's continuous schedule of socialization with her fellow furry friends was so important to her happiness, as I worked long hours. The daily updates and pics while Scout was on her group outings brought a smile to my face during a bad day at work. We are very sad as now we are moving to Long Island and will miss Basia, Monica, and all Scout's friends terribly. All I can say that choosing My Dog Needs a Walk will be the absolute best choice you can make regarding your dog's care. Thank you so much Basia!!! Basia and her team are the best dog walking service I have ever had!! Basia genuinely cares for your pet and my dog has never been happier than she is after her walk. I love the text reports I receive from Basia or Allie after my dog's walk. I've had a lot of different dog walkers in Manhattan and there is no better dog walking service in Astoria or Manhattan!!  


Patrick S.

When my dog, Hank, and I moved out to Astoria, I was concerned about the transition for my active dog - from wide open spaces in the Midwest, to a small apartment in a dense neighborhood on Steinway. I often spend 10-12 hours per day at work, and with the lack of dog-walking services in my area, I wasn't sure what to do. By using My Dog Needs A Walk, Basia and her team quickly solved that problem for me. Their consistent and reliable service kept my mind at ease while I was at work, and Hank was able to stay active and social with daily walks from Basia and her team. Working with Basia and My Dog Needs A Walk was better than I ever anticipated, and I cannot recommend them highly enough. If you are in the Astoria area, and in need of pet service, look no further!


Denise P.

I'll start off by saying that we love love love Basia and her employees! From the first time we met Basia we knew this was a perfect match for us. She did a home visit to meet our little guy Chico. The way she interacted with him and us, we knew immediately she had the experience we were looking for. My dog has anxiety and doesn't do so well with other dogs. She told us she can help us by slowly introducing him to other dogs in his walks. What she accomplished was beyond our expectations!!! We honestly couldn't believe that he was walking alongside another dog without trying to attack him, until she sent us pictures! Now, thanks to Basia he's able to be introduced to other dogs without immediately attacking them, and for this we are grateful.... Moving forward to everyday services: Chico is so happy to see her or any of the other walkers. They help me out by changing his wee wee pads and even refill water/food bowls when needed! They're extremely attentive! For example after a haircut, his backside seemed a little off, and they made sure to contact and notify us. She also checks in and sends a personalized note after every walk. She goes above and beyond her duties  and I recommend her to anyone looking for a dog walker, you won't be disappointed!  


Amy L.

We are paws down extremely happy with Basia's cat sitting. Basia has been cat sitting our cat since November 2015 while we've been away on a number of short or week-long trips. Our cat was newly adopted since last November and at the beginning we were a bit worried at the prospect of leaving our cat while away. But after meeting Basia in person, we knew instantly that our cat would be in excellent care. We usually have her cat sit 2x/day while away, and Basia is always on top of sending text messages/photos after each of her visits so that we can rest at ease. We love hearing about what our cat has been up to! Basia doesn't just come to feed our cat, but also truly connects with our cat, even picking up on her personality traits and playing with her. Our cat is playful and loves companionship so we're happy that Basia enjoys being that companion to our cat. We are especially thankful to Basia for diagnosing our cat with tapeworm while we were away on a trip. Our cat's symptoms must have really manifested while we were away and Basia was quick to inform us of it (even checked her poop to find a worm!). And we have Basia to thank for that. We are just happy that Basia, with all her care and experience, was around during that time. Basia is completely dependable and exudes love for cats. We never have to worry while away!

Jaymes G.    

We have used Basia's services for the past 4 years or more. From the moment she came over and meet our kids, I knew it was a perfect fit. She's completely professional and always available even with our crazy schedule changes. Over the past year we've taken several trip 2 out of the country and some local. We worry some much when we are away from our kids, but having Basia staying over a taking care of them is like family being with them. I can't thank her and her dog walker enough  

Janelle H.

Basia and her employees of My Dog Needs a Walk provide a comprehensive service for pet sitting. You not only can customize your pet sitting (for me, 2 cats) by animal but you also can have your plants watered if needed.  You get a daily text/email with photos of how your pets are doing and any notes about their behavior/needs.  If you live in Astoria and own a pet, think of My Dog Needs a Walk for your pet sitting needs.


Rachel S.

I was in such a pickle as what to do with my 2 kitties when my apartment was getting exterminated! I had to have them out, and I work all day. I found Basia- and she was such a blessing! She worked around my schedule of dropping them off early and picking them up. She took wonderful care- played with them and payed special attention to my scared kitty. Her knowledge about cats was very inspiring too- I plan on getting a book based on her recommendation. If you are looking for affordable and honest services for your babies-- look no more! Basia all the way! I can't thank her enough!

Maria D.

Chewy loves Basia, as do it. Highly trustworthy and great with animals.

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About us

 Basia (Owner) is thrilled to be a dog walker, and cat sitter in Astoria, Queens. She left the corporate world to follow her heart by caring for the four legged friends in busy people’s lives. She started her own pet care business, My Dog Needs a Walk after realizing that there was much demand for reliable and professional pet care services in Astoria. She feels very lucky to be spending time with and caring for animals; she believes that through our love and empathy for other species, we can evolve to be a more compassionate, healthy and peaceful society. She also considers it a part of her job to continually educate herself about the care of animals.

Basia is certified in American Red Cross first aid for cats and dogs, has spent time volunteering for the Central Park Zoo and received TNR (Trap Neuter Return) training for the handling of feral cats. She is the proud holder of Feline Health and Nutrition, Feline Training Behavior and Enrichment Certificates from Animal Behavioral Institute. She has even taken an animal intuition workshop with Maia Kincaid PhD. to further her communication skills with all animals. She is a member of Pet Sitters Associates, LLC and her company, My Dog Needs a Walk, is fully bonded and insured.

Basia was born in Nassau, New York, but grew up in a small village in the foothills of Mt. Olympus in Greece. From a young age, she learned to live with, respect and care for many animals: dogs, cats, chicken, rabbits, turtles, roosters, fish and a canary! Now, living in Astoria, New York, she is the proud owner of three precious cats: Hunter, Hermes and Beatrice. When she’s not caring for her own beloved cats or looking after yours, Basia spends her spare time honing her skills as a pet photographer. 

Alice pic.jpg

Alice has spent her whole life with dogs, from having dog siblings to helping rehabilitate her grandmother's rescue pups. She not only had dogs, but she's raised many birds, a lizard, and a ton of gerbils. She's helped care for feral cat colonies and spent time learning to lunge horses in college. Now armed with this knowledge, Alice has been walking dogs and caring for pets of all kinds here in Astoria, New York for over 4 years and plans to go back to school to study as a veterinary technician.


Shelby grew up with a passion for animals, especially cats. After completing studies at The University of Iowa, she worked for many years in the corporate world before finding greater happiness working with dogs and becoming a professional dog walker.


In addition to volunteering at dog shelters, Shelby is an avid cyclist and triathlete and ran in the New York City Marathon in 2011. She lives in Astoria and is the proud parent of 2 kitties, Murray and Rico.

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We are always thrilled to meet new pets and their people! Please feel free to reach out anytime for a free consultation. 

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